This feature is not available with all subscriptions - check with your account admin if you don't have access to internaional dial-in numbers.

Our service offers a selection of dial-in numbers around the world that are "in country"; callers would pay only their local fees to reach the conference line. There are also international Toll Free Numbers available to ensure that callers are not charged any fees. To access these numbers, just log into your account, then on the main Conference page click "More" next to your assigned dial-in number. Here you will see a list of numbers. Provide these dial-in numbers to your international participants, along with the rest of the relevant call information. Those parties would dial in just like any other call participants, but using the international dial-in number assigned to their country (callers in countries not listed can dial into any of the US-based dial-in numbers, using their usual country calling codes).

Add any of these numbers to your list of Primary Dial-in Numbers by going to Settings, typing in all or part of the country name, then highlighting that country and hitting Save. International numbers added to your account in this manner will automatically appear on any conference invitations you send through our site.