Telephone Conference Controls

Available to all callers:


*2  Raise or lower your hand

*4  Play a list of commands
*6  Mute or unmute your line


Available to call moderators only:


*5  Lock or Unlock Conference
*7 Toggle Mute Mode (see below for details)
*8 Toggle entry and exit chimes
*9  Start and stop recording

*0 End Conference



Available Mute Modes:

Conversation Mode: Default mode where all participants may speak, mute or unmute themselves by pressing *6.
Q&A Mode: All participants are muted and have the ability to unmute themselves individually.
Presentation Mode: All participants are muted and can only be unmuted by the moderator.



Set a default Mute Mode for all calls:

The default mute mode for all your calls can be set from within your account. Go to 'Settings' and then select 'Moderator Controls' and click on your preferred default mute mode.