Conference email invitations are sent out to participants immediately after scheduling a conference online and reminders will be sent out 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of your meeting. 

If you wish to have the invitation emails resent or you wish to manually send a reminder email at the time of your choosing, this can be done online from your account by editing the subject line of your meeting. The steps below explain how you can resend email invitations or send manual reminder emails for an upcoming scheduled conference. 

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on 'View all Upcoming>' on the right-hand side of your main dashboard.
  3. Find the upcoming conference you would like to (re)send invitations/reminders for and click 'Edit'.
  4. Edit the title of your Upcoming conference ( i.e. by adding '-Resend' or '-Reminder' to the title).
  5. If no other details are changing, proceed by hitting the 'Next' button in the lower right corner of each screen until you arrive at 'Summary'.
  6. Review the details of the conference to make sure everything is still correct and click ' Schedule' to send out the invitation/reminder email. 

For more information on editing upcoming scheduled calls, refer to the support article 'How Do I Edit My Scheduled Call? '