The following applies only to accounts subscribed to a premium plan. All premium plans are subscriptions that automatically renew on a monthly basis if not cancelled. All plans can be upgraded and downgraded as needed. No cancellation fees, no contracts!


When will I be charged for my premium subscription?

All subscriptions renew on the first of each calendar month, along with any premium minute overage charges that you may have accrued during the previous month. New accounts will be charged a pro-rated subscription fee immediately upon the initial purchase of a premium plan. For example, if you subscribe on the 15th of the month, you will be charged roughly half the usual monthly fee. After that, your plan will automatically renew on the first of each month and you will be charged the full monthly fee each month unless canceled.

What are premium minute overages?

Premium minute overage charges are incurred when the number of premium minutes used exceeds the number of shared premium minutes included with the plan you are subscribed to. Each paid monthly plan includes a certain number of shared premium minutes for use over a given billing period along with a certain per-minute overage rate for overage usage. Premium minutes are calculated on a per-minute / per-caller basis and will be tallied up and charged to the account holder at the end of each billing period along with the next month’s subscription renewal.

When will I receive invoices?

You will receive an invoice via email for any monthly subscription charges along with any premium minute overage charges at the beginning of each calendar month. This can also be found within your account under the 'Admin & billing' section that can be accessed via the top right menu. Payments due are automatically charged at the beginning of each month to the payment card on file and you will be emailed an itemized invoice of your charges.

What is the FCC Universal Service Fund fee I see on my invoice? Learn more here >>

How to Upgrade or Downgrade Your Plan

In the Billing/Subscription tab, you will be able to see the plan to which you are currently subscribed, the attributes of that plan, and the current number of host accounts available to your organization.

  • If you are currently on a Free plan, select 'Upgrade'
  • If you are currently on a paid plan, select 'Edit plan' to view available options
    • Switch plan: click this to upgrade or downgrade your plan to a different subscription
    • Cancel plan: click this option to unsubscribe all hosts in your company
    • Number of hosts: Increase or decrease the total host accounts you are subscribed to. If your subscription allows, you may increase your host limit via this page as well.  If the host limit results in a change in pricing, you will be asked to confirm this prior to the change going into effect.

Note that you will need to first remove a subscription from existing hosts or delete hosts before reducing total hosts.

Certain plans may have a limit on the number of hosts that can be added. If you need additional host accounts but are unable to add them, please send in a Support Ticket and someone will be in contact with you.